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Treadmill Safety Keys

Treadmill safety keys are the most commonly purchased treadmill accessory. You're not going to be able to use your machine without it, and they aren't very difficult to misplace. Even if you haven't lost yours, it's not a bad idea to purchase a spare treadmill part. This way, if you do lose the one you have, there won't be any downtime for your exercise routine. No matter why you want to purchase a safety key, Treadmill Doctor is an excellent choice from which to purchase one.

We have the largest selection of treadmill safety keys on the Internet. This is because we understand their value. With this small piece of equipment, you can turn what could have been a major accident into a minor inconvenience. Stopping the belt before you fall off the back is a very effective way to prevent injuries, and that's just what one of these keys will do for you. We recommend always keeping yours clipped on to a piece of clothing when you walk or run on your treadmill. Staying in shape is always easier without an injury.

We have replacement safety keys for treadmill models from a wide range of manufacturers. If you need a replacement, we carry them for Proform, NordicTrack, Weslo, Sole, Smooth, Gold's Gym, Livestrong, Landice, Precor, and many more. With our help, you'll be back up and running before you know it.

If you have trouble finding a replacement for the model you own, don't hesitate to call our customer service center at 1-800-750-4766 or email us at Our representatives would be glad to assist you in finding the part you need. If we don't already have it in stock, we would be happy to order it for you. We have dedicated our business to solving any and all treadmill problems, so find your solution, today.