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General Information:Star Trac was started by the original designers of the Lifecycle stationary cycle. Their treadmills are popular in clubs. With the acquisition of the staff of Lamar Health & Fitness, Star Trac will make a push into the home market but the big tale was their direct to consumer sales of commercial treads.  This process allowed the consumer to get a very significant discount that makes most high-end home treadmills far less attractive than a commercial Star Trac.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Star Trac puts very high quality electronics in their machines and then lets the rest fall into place.  At retail, it is so-so parts for the price they sell in combined with a great electronics package.  With the big discounts we saw online and in the Wall Street Journal last year, Star Tracs made quite a bit of sense if you were considering a $4000 to $5000 home treadmill.

Company Outlook : Star Trac is big in the club market because they are a value alternative and cheaper products will always sell well.  We would expect them to be around for product support for a long time.