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Star Trac S-TRc Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Near the low end of the Star Trac line if you can call it low-end. A very high quality machine. Some of the components are lightened up a bit from the high end models but they still would beat the components silly on a home machine.

Star Trac S-TRc Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 8.7

If quality is your consuming passion and pricing is not the issue you can boldly go where few men have gone before. Your search for the Holy Grail in extreme quality treadmills will end at the doorsteps of Star Trac.

Star Trac which started off as an offshoot of the designers of the Lifecycle stationary cycle. The emphasis on high quality components has not quite translated to aggressive pricing and their "low end" is still beyond $5,500.

The company made a serious attempt at restructuring and rebooting their balance sheet in 2010 with help from Asian investors, and this has given them deeper pockets and made them better prepared to weather any storm. Resonating with these strengthened financials the company could shift their lineup to a more moderate $4,000 to $5,000 price range. By doing that they would be gaining more value for their treadmills considering the high quality of components.

Bragging rights...

At 5 Horsepower that's a monstrous horse galloping beneath the hood

If there is power in your talk and swagger in your walk and you run faster than the devil, this massive motor will be your fire breathing companion delivering a knockout performance that rates ten on ten. It makes the word "awesome" seem vaguely inadequate. Of course there may be motors that match this kind of output but you won't locate any of those guys below $4,000.

20" x 60" walking belt resting on cushioned perfection gives the feather touch to extreme running

At 20" x 60" you are getting more space, stride length and width stability accommodating any size or type of runner, and this is gradually becoming the industry standard for a larger price tag. Combine this with that monster motor under the hood and you have the perfect motor-drive raising any workout to its highest level of intensity. Make no mistake; this is designed for the power runner and extreme athlete.

The cushioning feature helps you to simulate a forgiving surface with ease bringing comfort into your daily workout. Anyhow, this feature adds value to you back and hip joints keeping them healthy, conditioned and safe beyond harm's reach.

Warranty is exceptionally good

The warranty is lifetime on frame, 10 years on all parts including wear parts (which is definitely not the norm) and 3 years labor which makes this offer quite exceptional. On the reliability scale, if you are looking out for quality and durability that will tide you over a longer stretch, then this treadmill is worth every dime invested.

Point to ponder...

The cost factor; too pricey for the average user

The Star Trac S-TRc is a massive $5,945 that would place you in the position of a Ford owner admiring a Mercedes Benz from a distance. But if a budget is squeezing you in its vicelike grip, better go for a lower priced model with adequate features matched to your exact requirements. It is better to be practical, especially if you are NOT a serious runner or fitness trainer. It's a different scenario if quality is what you worship and cost is not a consideration; then this treadmill is the best and is worth every dime invested.

Our verdict

The Star Trac S-TRc is a technologically superior, perfectly designed treadmill that is superbly crafted for star performers. Price-wise, this treadmill is at the "low end" of the company's product universe which incidentally happens to be the "high end" for many competitors, which is saying a lot. Top performance, outstanding quality and high reliability are three straight aces.

With the huge increases in prices on many competitive home units, the Star Trac commercial units are now a viable option for your home. The great thing is that they are really focusing on the consumer and seem to be getting it figured out.