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Star Trac S-TRc Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Near the low end of the Star Trac line if you can call it low-end. A very high quality machine. Some of the components are lightened up a bit from the high end models but they still would beat the components silly on a home machine.

Star Trac S-TRc Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 8.68

With the huge increases in prices on many competitive home units, the Star Trac commercial units are now a viable option for your home. The great thing is that they are really focusing on the consumer and seem to be getting it figured out.

The Star Trac S-TRc is a very high quality commercial treadmill. It's one of Star Trac's cheaper units, we use the word "cheap" lightly here, so some may consider it for personal use. It was the runner up for our Best Buy award in the treadmills at $4,000 and Up category.

The walking area is normal. The belt measures in at 60" x 20", which is becoming standard for most treadmills. It should be enough to fit the stride of most users, but it's nothing special, particularly at this price.

The motor is fantastic. You won't find a treadmill capable of generating more power, at any price range. There are a few other models that can match the power this one creates, and some of them are less expensive. None are cheaper than $4,000.

The cushioning system is really good, as well, and it's very hard to find models that do a better job in this area. It uses a Soft Trac triple cell cushioning system that offers impact absorption your joints and back are sure to thank you for.

As far as projected reliability is concerned, this machine is top of the line. Its life expectancy is exceeded only by the Woodway Curve, and it's not by a lot. You won't find a single treadmill we reviewed that uses higher quality parts. If you're looking for a treadmill that will last you a long time, we believe this one is worth seriously considering.

The warranty is where the Star Trac S-TRc falls short of expectations. Labor is covered for 1 year and parts are covered for 2 years, while parts and labor for the motor and motor control board are covered for 5 years. This warranty is pathetic, and it's especially disappointing considering the price and quality of the machine.