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Star Trac E-TRxi Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The excellent TRx with a 15" personal HD TV to boot. You're better off buying a separate HD TV from Best Buy and mounting it on the wall.

Star Trac E-TRxi Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 8.55

What we can say in favor...

Fabulous motor zooms treadmill into higher trajectory

If any single factor vouches for the superiority of this treadmill it is its excellent motor; very powerful and well designed to run the drive system components effortlessly ensuring top class performance. You can notch up 15 mph speeds easily with very little vibration and noise and you can walk or run a marathon under protection of a five year warranty, covering motor, parts, and labor.

The running surface has the right dimensions and cushioning is high tech

With a running track measuring 21.5˝ x 60", larger, heftier, and taller runners can test the limits of their running capabilities without the fear of losing balance and stability. In fact, the belt associates smoothly and efficiently with the motor producing an excellent running ambiance that will please the professional in you. The impact cushioning features are technologically superior and worth every dime you are spending.

The reversible deck feature is a plus point

The reversible feature extends the shelf life of the deck and is of particular interest to extreme users that need not fear excessive wear and tear as they knock the machine in extreme workouts.

Gives the user better simulation of outdoor surfaces

With incline variations touching 20% there is enough scope to add variety to any training session over and above the digital workouts the treadmill delivers.

Warranty is great value for money

Star Trac has traditionally been strong in after sales service and the company has a pretty nifty service response. The warranty is strong and compares well with warranties offered by other brands in their high end machines.

Point to ponder...

A technologically advanced machine priced beyond redemption?

This is a treadmill that appears to be overpriced. Even the thorough bred professional runner would be better off dispensing hard earned dollars in a lower price bracket. At the median price levels he will find better options delivering useful features at an affordable price.

Is a touch screen LCD worth spending extra money for?

The touch screen console may add extra glamor to the machine but at a hefty price that is simply not worth the spend. Why not go for a Best Buy model in the sub $2,000 range that also has a touch screen, where a user gets better value for money, and then buy a larger wall mounted TV for entertainment. It would serve the same purpose while thumbing your nose at $8,500 price tags.

The final diagnosis

Seriously this is a treadmill that appears to be pricing itself out of a market vying to reward supreme quality. Star Trac would be doing itself a favor if it shifts this line to the $4000-$5000 bracket, and the company could do that without batting an eyelid. For the moment this is too high a price to pay for touchscreen LCD TV entertainment.

Unless you just must have an integrated personal TV screen, buy a big screen LCD TV for the wall.