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Star Trac E-TRx Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Excellent treadmill that has all of the basics that you would ever need in a treadmill- and it should since you'll drop over $8k on it unless it is on sale!

Star Trac E-TRx Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 8.61

Bragging rights...

The power to follow extreme fitness and perform mind-blowing workouts

At 5 HP, the motor is massive with a capital M. This will immensely benefit all professional athletes and power trainers, and getting the same kind of power in any other model would involve an investment not less than $4,000.

Expansive walking belt with feather touch cushioning suited for extreme running

At 21.5" x 60" you are guaranteed the running space, stride length and width to accommodate all categories of runners, and when it is backed up by a powerful motor the user can raise workouts to higher levels of intensity without skipping a beat. The Soft Trac cushioning system provides ideal grip and thrust for a smooth running action and protects muscles and ligaments from extreme stress and injuries.

Reversible deck boosts longevity of the running strip

Users can slow down wear and tear of the deck by simply reversing it and installing a new belt, thereby distributing the stress of impact evenly over the running surface, doubling the life of the deck.

Warranty is excellent, servicing is timely

For motor, parts and labor, it is 5 years; for other components the warranty is 2 years parts, 1 year labor; for wear items its 1 year parts and labor.

The quality and durability of this model makes it a strong workhorse designed for the long haul, and the warranty and excellent servicing will remove any worries you might harbor regarding after sales expenses.

Point to ponder...

Pricewise way above the common man's budget

Having to shell out a massive $7,000 for this treadmill is perhaps the only drawback that may stop you in dead in your tracks. But if you really insist on top quality, unfailing reliability and sheer longevity then this model is way up there tempting you from its ivory tower height. For those that can't afford this money guzzler, affordable models in the $1,500 to $2,500 price range offer attractive alternatives.

Our verdict

Do you remember those famous words " boldly go where no man has gone before...." spoken by Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek? Well, in the Star Trac E-TRx we have a technologically superior treadmill that will stretch the limits of our endurance so we can do what no man has ever done before.

Outstanding performance, breath taking quality and solid reliability make this treadmill a great buy, even if it means selling your family jewels for it!

A full featured commercial treadmill that is being marketed to the home. One of the best you can get and it should be at this price!