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ST Fitness Treadmill Review Index

General Information:The former owners of Star Trac launched the ST Fitness brand to the specialty market three years ago but this brand has met a quick death, along with Ironman which was a catchall for their mass-market consumer business. The ST Fitness brand can still be found in some specialty stores but you will also find it online, in sporting goods stores and in mass-market channels.

Manufacturing Philosophy:ST Fitness was trying to fill a niche in the light commercial market for specialty dealers and for a higher end product for the online and mass-market channels. They put good quality components in the machine and tried to be a volume player. This can work if you keep overhead low enough but apparently, the financial downturn caused the margins to become too tight and this brand was the victim of the economy.

Company Outlook : Since the ownership of factories are changing as quick as the watch on your wrist, don't expect good product support from brands like this. We are already trying to find parts sources for this brand since the company behind it is gone.