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General Information:Star Trac is getting ready to find out how to spend a bunch of money on a home lineup of product in a dying specialty market. We don't expect this lineup to be around next fall unless Star Trac loves to literally burn money. Star Trac, we can save you some money. Go ahead and euthanize this brand before it gets too bad. For obvious reasons, we will not be reviewing the ST line.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Another me-too brand in an overcrowded field would make me believe that they don't stand a chance. If Star Trac spends enough money, they may be able to get a presence in the market but we feel that would be a big mistake and harm their core commercial business since they would be constantly feeding a bottomless pit.

Company Outlook : Star Trac is big in the club market because they are a value alternative and cheaper products will always sell well. We would expect them to be around for product support for a long time.