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Elliptical Name: SportsArt 807
Editor’s Note:

An extra $200 for an LED display!?!

MSRP: $2999
Strengths: Smooth Operation
Weakness: Value
Reliability: 7
Noise Level: 7
Value: 3
Warranty: 8
Quality: 6
Ergomonics: 8
Overall Rating : 6.50
Review Comments:

The SportsArt 807 is essentially the 805 with a different display.  We could never in good conscience recommend that anyone pick this over the 805.  Either buy the 805 or upgrade to the E82 and get some extra durability for the extra money.  These machines are typically well built and reliable.  Over the long term you will have some problems with the stride control motors.  The only problem with this machine is that it should have an MSRP of around $1,999.


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