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Spirit XE395 Elliptical Review


The multiposition handles and other features of the XE395 make it a good buy along with the warranty. Our 3rd Runner Up award winner for 2014.

Spirit xe395







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Overall Rating: 5.8

<strong>Spirit XE395 Review</strong> Sitting in our Best Buy 2014 3<sup>rd</sup> Runner Up spot in the under $1999 category is the Spirit XE395. This trainer highlights its adjustable console and excellent warranty. <strong><em>What to expect from the XE395</em></strong> <strong>Great console adjustability</strong> Users should be happy about the console adjustability this machine offers. The console has an adjustment range of 10 degrees together with its 7.5 inch blue backlit LCD screen. Users who love to monitor their progress through the console would certainly like this feature. It also has heart rate % profile and muscle activation profile on the console. These help you monitor, measure, and understand your workout. While the muscle activation profile helps you track which muscle groups are gaining more from your workout, the heart rate % profile will fully utilize the heart rate training that this machine provides. <strong>Foot pedals with integrated 2-degree inward tilt</strong> One of the main reasons the XE395 made it is the exclusive foot pedal design that no other ellipticals outside Dyaco have. What this design does is put users in a more ergonomically correct pedaling position, thus making your exercise more comfortable. With this design, it also has 3 different adjustment angles to allow users switch to their most comfortable position. <strong>Has power incline</strong> Another feature we like is the 20 levels of incline it's armed with. This feature will allow users to change their target muscles or emphasize different muscle groups with a different angle. This is a really helpful feature especially for serious exercisers. You get to target more the specific muscle groups you want to work on with ease. <strong>Solid warranty coverage</strong> We really admire machines that offer a longer warranty to users. The XE395 has an excellent warranty that shows how solid this machine is built. While the lifetime warranty on its frame and brake is common in this price range, the 10-year parts warranty is the real deal. Usually ellipticals in this price point offer only 5 years. The odd thing about this is its coverage for the labor which is only 1 year. Others offer up to 2 years. <strong><em>Why the XE 395 is not as compelling as other ellipticals</em></strong> <strong>Pricing is a bit steep</strong> Although it sits at $1799, it's still a hundred bucks more expensive than the Sole E95, which offers more features and is made by the same factory. Honestly, if you have this kind of budget, we would definitely recommend more valuable and cheaper ellipticals like the Sole E95 or Smooth CE 8.0 LC, or, if you can add $200 more, consider buying the Smooth Agile DMT X2 (our Best Buy 2014 Winner). <strong>Limited features</strong> One major thing we don't like about this trainer is its stride length. It's fixed at 20 inches, which is really ridiculous considering the price. With this, you can't fully utilize the adjustability of its pedals. <strong><em>Verdict: </em></strong> <strong> </strong> The Spirit XE 395 is definitely a solid and good value machine. What it lacks is the limited feature it offers and a little bit priced higher than the E95 and CE 8.0 LC. If this trainer has equivalent pricing with those 2, then we would definitely recommend this to consumers, but in the meanwhile our Best Buy Winner, 1<sup>st</sup> Runner Up, and 2<sup>nd</sup> are better.