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Sole S77 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

This one is now at the top of the pack again for Sole. Until you get to their light commercial model, this is their top non-folding treadmill.

Sole S77 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.27

Votes in favor of the treadmill

One of the most powerful motors at this price

When it comes to power and performance the 4 HP motor is really high end and excellent value for money below the $2,000 price point. It's a massive motor that could shame many high end offerings, and easily attains speeds of 12 mph, which is good news for extreme runners pushing the pedal. Noise is significantly reduced making this an extraordinarily quite treadmill.

Great sized treadbelt designed for better performance

The 22" x 60" treadbelt welcomes taller users and imparts an extra zing, and you can confidently run longer strides without knocking the console. Wider bigger players will find the extra 2" width more stable and safer.

Reversible deck improves longevity

Yes, you can flip the running surface and literally double the longevity of the deck. This is extra protection given the fact that the deck enjoys a lifetime warranty.

Track incline ratio adds some challenge to the daily routine

Inclines can be adjusted up to 15% to provide a healthier simulation of outdoor surfaces, which is good news for improving muscle tone and shedding calories.

Cushioning is good

Not what you might call an outstanding cushioning system but not bad either and matches expectations in the sub $2,000 price range. Sole could have raised the bar here.

Warranty is very strong

The Sole S77 assures lifetime warranty for frame, motor and deck, 5 year for parts and electronics and 1 year labor, which can be accepted as a huge vote of confidence coming from the manufacturer's side. The higher life expectancy of the model is comparable to many top end treadmills.

Points to ponder...

Too costly for the average buyer

It must be understood that high quality treadmills like the Sole S77 crossing the $1,500 price barrier are better suited to serious runners and experienced athletes that have the financial power to boost a dedicated fitness program. This is undoubtedly an extreme machine for extreme users with the cash to splurge.

This treadmill may be over delivering for budget buyers

Users that weigh in at 200 pounds and who follow a simple or erratic fitness routine may underutilize such a high end machine. It's more practical to research a brand that offers better value for money at a price that is affordable to modest users unless you have a big budget.

Big machine occupying serious space

The machine doesn't fold, it weighs 265 pounds and its overall dimensions are 80" L x 30" W x 58" H, so buyers need to decide if they can accommodate this machine in smaller homes and cramped apartments.

Limited preset programs

For a treadmill that is priced at $1,699, 10 preset workout programs are too few for comfort, especially if you happen to be a trained runner looking for variety in your workout.

The final diagnosis...

Buying the Sole S77 will feel like bringing the Health Club home; it is solid, stable, high quality and excellent value for money at $1,699, and it boasts a strong warranty. The huge motor and extra wide belt are designed to take punishment and will excite the serious runner. Though lagging in entertainment, it's a great buy, if you can afford it.

Sole's treadmill along with the new Spirit models related by the same design from Dyaco are strong treadmills for the money. One of the better warranties you will find in a sub-$2000 machine.