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Sole S73 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The kissing cousin of the heart of the Sole lineup in a non-folding version.

Sole S73 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.14

Votes in favor of the treadmill...

Massive motor gels efficiently with motor-drive system

A potent large frame 3.75 HP motor powers an expansive treadbelt to easily attain speeds maxing at 12 mph that will excite runners. This is a good investment for the buyer considering that many other motors are generating 2.5 HP to 2.9 HP power in this price range. As the machine itself weighs 260 pounds, heavier users weighing up to 375 pounds can do a workout without missing a beat. It also rates high on noise reduction. Sole provides a satisfying lifetime warranty for the motor and frame.

Walking area is expansive and resilient

A running surface measuring 22" x 60" is supremely satisfying for users of all categories, and with a powerful motor backing it up, workouts will be smoother, efficient and satisfying, especially for power users. This huge belt is not a design liability and there is smooth coordination between motor and drive components.

The deck's reversible feature boosts machine longevity

The reversibility feature makes this a home treadmill that is longer lasting with less expense when wear parts finally let go.

Track incline variation and workout apps add challenge and variety

The daily grind gets an added boost with incline variation maxing at 15% and with a modest addition of 10 workout programs.

Cushioning is satisfying at this price point

You get good quality cushioning with this model that does a reasonably fine job of protecting joints, hips and the back in extreme running conditions. Nothing outstanding, but easily one of the better cushioning systems in the sub $2,000 category.

A strong warranty

Lifetime frame, motor and deck, 5 year parts and electronics and 1 year labor make this one of the best deals in town, as we see the company standing emphatically behind its product. Improved motor, better parts quality and smoother drive components may not see you calling that warranty for a long time to come.

Points to ponder...

Admittedly pricey for the average user

The $1,599 price tag would seem like a mountain for the average Joe to climb, but if Joe is serious about running and needs to graduate to extreme workouts he may not find a better option in the sub $2,000 price category. If he can shell out the cash, the machine more than makes up for every dollar invested.

This treadmill doesn't fold

Non folding dimensions are 83" L x 37" W x 57" H; too large for a mini apartment or smaller home.

Limited range of preset workout programs

For a machine that boasts a powerful motor and huge running area, a modest 10 workout programs is a disappointment. The professional runner may wonder why Sole couldn't bridge the gap and deliver at least 24 programs for more workout variety, with machine price crossing the $1,500 threshold.

The final diagnosis...

Improved motor power, design solidity and parts quality make the Sole S73 a sensible choice at the $1,599 price tag, with a strong warranty sweetening the deal.

Other than slow speed changes, we don't get complaints about Sole. Solid design and quality parts at an attractive price point.