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Sole F80 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The Best Buy winner in its price range! The new F80 makes for an interesting choice in the $1500 price point. An excellent treadmill with upgraded features.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.4

Considering that this is a company that has posted solid growth by wedding quality with value, we now have the Sole F80 which is an upgraded model that respects that tradition. Reduced noise levels, satisfactory cushioning, and the trademark horseshoe design that was featured in the original model have been retained.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

Powerful big frame 3.5 HP motor that gels with other drive components

Getting a motor that packs this kind of punch is a bonus considering that you can just as easily find motors giving you 2.5HP to 2.9HP within the same price area. The important point is that the motor combines effectively with other drive components to carry a 375 pound workout and still not break into a sweat. It also rates high on noise reduction so you won't find the neighbors knocking down your front door at midnight.

An expansive 22" X 60" belt that enhances your running experience

Wider body room and a lengthier stride are plus points that come with this bigger tread belt, so bigger and taller users will be smiling, and they won't slip off the edges. A huge belt can be a downside in reliability factors but if you pair it with good design and a big motor, most of your worries are relieved. Falling in the largest and longest category by itself wouldn't curry favor with us but for the fact that the motor and deck components combine smoothly and with less noise ensure a trouble free workout.

Varying track incline by 15% boosts your outdoor running options

Adjusting tread incline by 15% will add variety and challenge to your running and help you simulate outdoor running with respectable similarity, and this is bound to impact muscle tone positively and help you shed more calories.

Warranty is the strongest link

Undoubtedly, a company that swears by quality will be tested in the warranty stakes and Sole F80 packs a solid warranty making this one of the safest deals in town. You get a lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck; for parts its 5 years and best of all a labor warranty that lasts 2 years, all ABOVE the norm for a treadmill in this price range.

Features that make you pause in evaluating your purchase

Cushioning feature satisfactory, not mind-blowing

You could probably find similar impact deadening in a lower price range. It offers reasonable protection to joints and limb muscles, nothing spectacular.

Limited range of built in workout programs

For a machine that packs excellent motor and drive compatibility, and which can take heavier users, featuring just six preset workout programs is a real let down; what's on offer is a standard six program module wedded to two heart rate schedules. This may appeal to the beginner but a professional runner may be left craving the minimum 24 program option that other treadmills in the same price range offer.

The final word

The Sole F80 is a performer that is evenly placed to capture the middle ground between basic beginners and top of the deck work horses, and is widely popular in its own price range. HUGE motor and solid design. If Icon gets their customer service dept. together though, Sole could face trouble. With that consideration, this is one of the best choices in the $1500 price point.