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Sole F63 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Upgrades in the motor and walk area make this one nearly irresistable at the $1000 price point.

Sole F63 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.39

The 3rd runner up to Smooth 5.65 ($999) in Best Buy Awards $700 to $999 category.

Votes in favor of the treadmill...

Potent motor producing good power for normal running

This is a powerful 3 HP large frame motor that would do justice to a slew of models priced above $1,000. Serious users will be pleased to work up satisfactory speeds maxing at 12 mph, without making much noise, laying the foundation for a great workout. Both motor and frame carry a lifetime warranty.

Walking surface will satisfy regular runners

The 20" x 60" treadbelt is a great walking surface that gives serious runners a good run for their dollar. This is the standard size in better models, and it packs enough width and stride length to take in regular users in the tall and wide category. The 15% incline variation and 10 modest workout options add a fair degree of challenge and variety to the treadmill routine.

Good cushioning that gives decent protection to exercising limbs

For a treadmill priced at $999 you get an excellent cushioning system and anything more forgiving that this surface, offering similar or better protection for exercising limbs, will require additional expenditure.

Great value for your investment at the $1,000 price point

The $1,000 price point is where the serious action starts and Sole does a decent job of packing quality and features that will encourage the serious runner looking for solidity and stability.

Points to ponder...

Rigorous runners and ace athletes deserve bigger and more feature packed machines

Normally, we wouldn't recommend sub $1,000 models for serious runners because of cheaper parts that go hand in hand with lowered prices, but the Sole F63 might make the user reconsider that strategy.

A nice treadbelt and improved cushioning backed by a powerful motor make an irresistible choice for the entry level runner constrained by a limited budget.

Serious runners and trainers might be better off with models priced $1,500 and above. As always, your budget decides your priorities.

Reasonably large space consuming model

This is a folding treadmill that expands to 80" L x 33" W x 58" H which will consume space, so decide where you will park this treadmill before saying yes.

The warranty is a marginal improvement

1 year on labor; 3 years on parts, electronics, and deck and lifetime for the frame and motor may pass for muster for entry level runners that won't be straining the machine to its full capacity. Despite some compromises for price adjustments, the quality of parts is reasonably good. Just don't expect this treadmill to last a lifetime.

The final diagnosis...

If you are not aiming to spend a dime over $1,000 then things may not get better than the Sole F63, the 3rd runner up to Smooth 5.65 ($999) in Best Buy Awards $700 to $999 category. It's a decent upgrade with better parts and a great motor, which is saying something at this price point.

Solid model for this year makes Sole extremely strong at the $1000 price point. Good parts combined with good features make for a good product.