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Sole F60 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

With the relatively long warranty for a machine in this price range, you might want to take a chance on it but we wouldn't. My brother in law had 5 of these delivered before they could get one to work.

Sole F60 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 4.95

Votes in favor of the treadmill

A weak motor undermines runners

The 2.75 HP motor doesn't carry the spark to liven up treadmill routines beyond brisk walking, and the motor-drive combination is unlikely to tolerate the stress and pounding of sustained running. A slow acceleration is advised but 12 mph speeds will create some noise. Motor may be covered by a lifetime warranty but poor quality drive parts will impact longevity of this treadmill.

A good running surface that deserves a better motor

The 20" x 60" belt size on a treadmill that costs $799 is a bonus, but the bad news is the weak motor. That makes running the last option on this treadmill. Wider, taller users will have no issues walking at a comfortable pace on this belt.

A 15% incline ratio and limited collection of 10 workout apps create modest variation in exercising styles, but nothing to fire the imagination.

Cushioning is surprisingly good for this price

Coming after the expansive treadbelt this is another good feature that adds some color to user's cheeks. The cushioning presents a reasonably forgiving surface for your daily walk that is OK at this price point.

Points to ponder...

Not for runners and marathon men

A seriously under powered motor and cheaper quality parts in the drive impact the longevity of this machine. You run on this treadmill at your peril. You will be inviting early parts replacements and facing higher maintenance bills, with your physical fitness goals becoming progressively expensive.

Warranty marginally improved but meaningless

The coverage is lifetime for frame and motor, and 3 years for parts and 1 year labor. Such a warranty is pointless because longevity is poor and there is nothing in this machine for the runner.

There are better options at the $1,000 price point

Reduced power capability and poor parts quality are huge compromises, especially at a higher $799 price tag. If the machine has nothing to offer for runners you would be wiser in shelling out a couple of hundreds extra for more treadmill.

The final diagnosis...

If the $799 price tag and the longer parts warranty seem alluring, be warned that you are getting less treadmill for your money that you might be legitimately expecting.

If you are just a walker, this is an option but they had to take so much cost out of it to get it to $799 that we wouldn't expect it to last.