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General Information:Internet Fitness sells Smooth treadmills through their websites, dealers, and affiliates.  They have blanketed the web with so many people promoting them it is hard to turn around on the web without bumping into them.  Just remember that the majority of the affiliate sites, cleverly disguised as review sites, promoting these machines are being paid every time one is sold, so of course they would love Smooth.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Smooth has focused on making their treadmills feature heavy.  From the large, stable frames to their patented impact absorption feature, it is hard to get on a Smooth treadmill and not be impressed.  Customer support got better this past year but while Smooth has held firm on the quality of components, others in the business have passed them by so you can get more for your money with other direct sellers.

Company Outlook : Smooth has quickly grown into one of the largest specialty distributors in the US.  There is something to be said for being one of the first to the market and their push into the Internet early paid off although some others have caught up and, in the case of Icon, they are being left in the dust in terms of online sales.