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Elliptical Reviews - Brand & Index
Elliptical Name: Smooth CE 7.4
Editor’s Note:

Solid unit with a good feel.

MSRP: $1999
Strengths: A good stride motion
Weakness: An OK unit in a category with some strong contenders.
Reliability: 6
Noise Level: 6
Value: 6
Warranty: 5
Quality: 6
Ergomonics: 6
Overall Rating : 5.83
Review Comments:

The Smooth CE 7.4 is a marked improvement over the CE 2.1 and CE 3.2.  A heavier drive system and better motion makes this a solid elliptical.  If we were going to buy a Smooth we would buy this model, but with all of the strong contenders in this price range we would probably think twice.


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