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Elliptical Reviews - Brand & Index
Elliptical Name: Smooth CE 3.2
Editor’s Note:

A basic yet solid machine in its price range.

MSRP: $1699
Strengths: Average all around package
Weakness: Warranty
Reliability: 5
Noise Level: 5
Value: 3
Warranty: 4
Quality: 5
Ergomonics: 5
Overall Rating : 4.50
Review Comments:

The Smooth CE 3.2 is a basic elliptical that has an upgraded console from the CE 2.1.  The upgraded console is $400 extra, but it is a marked improved over the CE 2.1.  We don’t think the console is worth $400 extra so we would either buy the CE 2.1 or the CE 7.4.  The warranty doesn’t keep up with the competition.


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