Treadmill Name: Smooth 9.25 HR
Editor’s Note: A big treadmill with a feature packed console. If you want a high end treadmill to pound on, this one is near the top of the pack in this price range.  
MSRP: $2399
Walking Area: 8
Power: 8
Cushioning: 7
Reliability: 6
Noise Level: 7
Quality: 7
Value: 8
Warranty: 8
Overall Score: 7.28
Review Comments:

The upgrades in component quality help Smooth have a compelling story for this one. Along with the upgrades in the EVO line, Smooth has stronger units this year. We had an engineer point out to us that his EVO with the 62” deck did not go to 15% incline and that’s why the spec sheets now read “incline levels.”


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