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Sunny SF-T7603 Treadmill Review - $349.00

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The step up from the T4400 model isn’t much better that the aforementioned model. Although it might seem if you creep up $50 from $300 to $350 as in this case, it seems like a big step up, but it only seems that way. In the treadmill world, $50 at retail buys you very little in fitness equipment. By the time you go from retail, back to the importer, back to the factory, you are looking at about $15 in additional dollars that can actually be put into the machine. That’s why we say you get almost nothing for your extra $50. $15 might get you a gourmet burger but it won't get you muchh quality in a treadmill.

Number of Programs 9
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Pulse-grip heart Monitor
Horsepower 2.20 HP
Speed Range 0-9 mph
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 8%
Weight Capacity 220 Ibs
Belt Size 16" x 49"
Footprint 62.2" x 27"
Folds Yes
Weight of Unit 103 Ibs
Warranty Frame: 1-Year,Parts: 90 Days

General Information

Based in Los Angeles, this importer of fitness equipment has been around for over 10 years. They are a big seller of treadmills on the Amazon Marketplace. Their focus is on fitness equipment which is not that common with Amazon sellers.

Quality / Philosophy

These are cheap products but they are sold at cheap prices…so, it is what we expected. If you want to say you have a fitness machine at your home and never use it, these will works just as well as the club machines. If you use it, you would be better off getting a $10 or $15 club membership.


Sunny has been selling these for awhile but we haven’t had a demand for parts. Now that Amazon is selling more and more of these, we would think that they will sell a ton of these simply due to the price. We still don’t think we will sell many parts for these because they are essentially disposable fitness machines. It breaks, throw it away and buy another.



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