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Cybex 525T Treadmill Review - $5,795.00

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Arguably the best choice for your home! A great looking treadmill that doesn't disappoint in performance. Combine the quality of Cybex with a "value" price and you have a winner! Cybex has a home run with this model! I wasn't sure when I first saw it but once you run on it, you will see what we are talking about. Although the price tag will make you gulp, the treadmill has all the refinement of Cybex's historic quality along with a "relatively" lower price than the other Cybex units. It is one of those machines that you can buy and then not worry about what you are going to be working out on for the next many years. This is not a "grown up" version of a department store treadmill like you can find from other companies.

Number of Programs N/A
Heart Rate Sensor and Type Contact grips and wireless receiver
Horsepower N/A
Speed Range 0.5 - 12.4 mph 0.8 -20 km/h
Incline/Decline Range 0 - 15%
Weight Capacity 350 Ibs (159 kg)
Belt Size N/A
Footprint N/A
Folds N/A
Weight of Unit 393 Ibs. (178 kg)
Warranty Embedded monitor - 2 years, Embedded Receiver - 3 years and 1 year labor, Headphone Jack - 90 Days,

General Information

Cybex was formerly known as Trotter. Trotter merged with Cybex over a decade ago but now their products are branded with the Cybex name. Earlier this year, Cybex was acquired by Lifefitness. Heavy duty construction has been one of the pillars of this company for years. Although they are pricey, with the recent increases by other companies, their products are much more competitive than they have been in the past and they have been excellent units to buy.

Quality / Philosophy

Cybex has always built heavy, high quality machines and then priced them accordingly. Those who have owned old Trotter and Cybex machines can tell you that they will last for a long, long time so they are putting quality into the product. If you don't mind paying for a quality product, it is hard to go wrong with Cybex.


Cybex was acquired by Lifefitness earlier in 2016 and now is a division of Lifefitness who is a division of Brunswick. With the financial heft of a conglomerate behind them, we expect them to try to capture a larger segment of the commercial and rehabilitation market.



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