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General Information:This is a licensed product for Icon Health and Fitness. In the past, more expensive Reebok products built for club use were made by a different company. Like other Icon built products, the features are heavy and component quality has rocketed upward.  The pricing disparity we’ve seen on this brand in the past has equalized with the other Icon brands so there is no longer a premium for the name.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Reebok is produced by Icon, and this factory has over 200 engineers that help craft their products.  Put simply, they are the best designed treadmills in the business.  In the past, they have had to be the best because they used the cheapest parts in the business.  They have finally discovered that you can find some of the key component parts overseas for less and the eventual cost is less if you put more quality into the machine; so the quality of drive motors, rollers, and other key components are much higher than in the past and it still sells for a value price.

Company Outlook : Icon is the largest fitness equipment producer in the world with around $1 billion in sales.  In terms of stability, they are the best but overall, their customer service isn’t up to the standards of some of the lower volume producers.  Although they have told us they are upgrading their service, it is still a long road to what we would consider good.  Although you get a value price for the product, you also get value service so keep this in mind when buying their machines.  Due to the sheer number of units they produce, we pick up support in many cases where this factory leaves off.