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Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Elliptical Review


The Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 is a strong design and our 3rd Runner up for the 2014 Best Buy Awards.

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Overall Rating: 4.2

<strong>Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 Review</strong> The Reebok Stride Select RL 6.0 is another Precor-based machine with excellent space-saving design. It currently holds our Best Buy 2014 3<sup>rd</sup> Runner Up position in the $400 to $699 category. The machine has a lack of features but does give you the excellent feel that you would expect from a Precor-like piece of equipment. The warranty is unduly short but that is made up by Costco's lifetime return policy. <strong><em>What we can say in favor for RL 6.0</em></strong> <strong>Space-saving design but...</strong> As a Precor-based elliptical, this machine has a very nice feel. Since this is a solid machine, you can't really notice the space-saver feature due to its size. This trainer is a little too big for a standard room which makes its space-saving design relatively useless. Even if you can fold it up, you can't just keep it in a narrower corner since it's really a large unit. <strong>Has 18 preset workout programs</strong> You can exercise to your fullest with its 18 pre-programmed workout programs. You get variety in your workouts and have plenty of choices which is always a good thing unless you have problems making decisions. <strong>Acceptable quality</strong> As expected, a Precor-based design is a plus but corners have to be cut somewhere. It has a solid steel construction that provides a 300 lb. weight capacity and holds 14 silent magnetic resistance levels. <strong><em>What makes it not so favorable...</em></strong> <strong>No to assembly, definitely NO</strong> Can be difficult to assemble for the average person. Finishing it might take you a couple more hours than assembling other trainers in the same category. This machine is relatively big which contributes to the dilemma you will experience assembling it. We recommend you to hire someone just for assembling this. <strong>It makes a rusty-gate-like sound</strong> This machine is amazingly quiet at the start. We have received many reports concerning problems of the machine not staying that way. All of them claimed that this trainer squeaks after 3 weeks of usage. Well, if a hard exercise matters you most, you can possibly tolerate a rusty gate. <strong><em>Our Verdict: </em></strong> Well, if Icon has lowered the price by a hundred bucks, this trainer could've become our Best Buy 2014 Winner. All in all, this machine is all about <strong>acceptable exercise</strong>. It offers plenty of workout benefits coupled with a solid steel construction that contributes to both quality and durability. If you are a serious and wouldn't mind some squeaks it will make as you use it after a few weeks, then we definitely recommend this trainer to you.