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Redzone Treadmill Review Index

General Information:RedZone was the brainchild of Mike Cochrane, who has been in the business forever and was once the head of Bodyguard. The interesting point is that they were conservative in their approach but that didn't help them in this economy. The machines were made by Dyaco with some tweaks to the product to make them a bit different. The problem was that there are so few dealers; this brand didn't stand a chance long-term. Due to the bleak outlook, we dropped coverage of RedZone two years ago and RedZone closed down last year.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Quality parts with some upgrades in the software, which has been a shortcoming for Dyaco, makes these a decent choice. Since they are only sold through specialty fitness, you won't find them at a warehouse club so demand a higher level of service.

Company Outlook : RedZone made it futher than we thought they would so it was interesting to follow this story. They might have stood a chance but with the recent bloodletting of the economic collapse, RedZone didn't have a chance. RedZone closed ship earlier last year so watch out with product support on these machines.