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Proform ZT3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

This is what we call a smoke treadmill. You buy the machine and then all the value goes up in smoke.

Proform ZT3 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 3.57

Icon Health and Fitness is the brain trust behind the Proform series of TMs, and you will see many of these models priced in the $500- $1,500 range that vary in quality as the price range increases. To attract eyeballs the company has packed the machines with features presented in aesthetically appealing TMs.

The lower end of Proform is best avoided as the prices largely reflect the lower quality of the components that are poorly supported by weaker warranties. Adding salt to these wounds is the poor quality of aftersales service.

It costs solid money to create a treadmill with quality features and components that generate top class performance. This level of quality is completely missing at the $399 price point because so many sacrifices have been made at so many levels that there is very little machine left to savor.

Nothing to fire the imagination...

A 1.50 HP motor permits brisk walking not serious running

It may be a record of sorts but this is the rock bottom for motors and the pony power generated by it will not withstand regular running. Theoretically you can go up to 10 mph but don't let that fool you into taking (what could turn out to be) your final lap on this machine. Noise can be a problem and you risk annoying the neighbors if you chose a midnight walk. So the formula would be to talk less, walk more but don't break into a run.

An 18" x 50" workout area is too small for larger users

This is a good many inches lesser than the 20" x 60" industry standard and you will definitely feel cramped walking on this surface. Adding to the woes is a poor belt cushioning system; impact resistance is not only poor, the durability of the deck is questionable. The flip side is if it had a standard size belt, it would tear up the inadequate motor.

Adding salt to injury...

Is this the brand you really desire?

If you really want to exercise seriously and tone up your body systematically, you owe it to yourself to source a quality model from a reputed brand. In the world of treadmills the "men" get separated from the "boys" in the $1,500 price point onwards, and it may be worth your while to save and plan a bigger better treadmill purchase.

This is a feather-weight player in the treadmill circuit

154 pounds makes it difficult for persons clocking above 250 pounds to perform a normal workout. If you stress the treadmill you not only expose yourself to serious injury but you also run the risk of damaging the motor and drive. The bad warranty protection adds to that risk.

Warranty that paves the way for spiraling expenses

There is a lifetime warranty for the frame followed by 1 year on the motor and 90 days for parts and labor which is pathetically poor by any standards. If the useful life is over within the space of three months and you are going to be burdened with expenses on parts and labor, this treadmill would certainly be unworthy of the money invested.

A note of caution...

By lowering quality substantially and in pricing the product rock bottom there is very little "machine" left for the consumer to use. This machine would become less of an asset and more of a liability as time flows as its value deteriorates fast.

You simply cannot get quality for this price point. Everything has to be cheapened to get the price point down.