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Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The new crossbar on the upright adds stability to the console and looks like it was directly copied from Sole.

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 7.77

Icon Health and Fitness is the mastermind behind the Proform series of TMs, and you will see many of these models priced in the $500- $1,500 range that vary in quality as the price range increases. Warranties that are weaker in the lower price segments are strengthened at higher price points. To attract eyeballs the company has packed the machines with features presented in excellently designed TMs.

What we can say in favor of the Treadmill

Outstanding 4.2 HP motor combines with an excellent 20' x 60' belt to boost endurance training

4.2 HP Motor works in tandem with high quality drive components to deliver a powerful, smooth and quieter performance.

The running surface is good at 20" x 60" and rendered better by the excellent motor backing it up.

The ProShox Cushioning is stable and provides just the right amount of softness to protect running feet while projecting the right hardness to challenge your stamina in extreme workouts.

Overall, this is a well-designed and impeccably engineered drive system with a strong heart and determined attitude that can take extreme pounding.

38 Workout programs to keep the power performer interested

Serious runners will be happy with the preset programs that gel effectively with steeper inclines, variable running speeds, and iFit workouts to help them reach their fitness goals faster.

A challenging 15% INCLINE, -3% DECLINE

You can boost your speed gradually up to 12 mph, getting the right intensity out of any power workout. The incline maxes at 15% reducing strain on the motor though the motor is capable of higher power output.

Lifetime for frame and motor, 6 years for parts and electronics, and 3 years for labor is a near perfect warranty

The warranty paves the way for serious runners and top athletes to use the machine intensively, as their punishing regimen demands, without getting anxious about breakdowns.

What may hold you back...

Will consume space as the treadmill doesn't fold

This model lacks the folding feature that is fairly common with Proform models, so unless you have a specific area earmarked for this lovely treadmill it could become problematic from day one.

It's not that healthier options aren't available at lower prices

The $2,000 sticker could shock the average buyer looking for treadmills that pack features at bargain basement prices. But such users would do well to note that this isn't a run of the mill one-size-fits-all TM; it's designed for serious runners that don't mind shelling out extra money for the best.

Our verdict

The Proform Pro 9000 is an exceptionally versatile and feature rich bucking bronco that will excite the super performer, the serious athlete and professional trainer as it commandingly surveys it's $1,999 domain.

Solid runner's treadmill with an abundance of features. As quality a unit as you will likely ever see from Proform.