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Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A high- high quality machine. The only thing I could find wrong with this machine is the name.

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.05

2nd Runner Up to the NordicTrack C1600 Pro in the Best Buy Awards in the $1000 to $1299 category.

Bragging rights...

The motor packs enough power to tackle any routine with ease

This is a powerful 3.25 HP motor and is quite uncommon in this price range and the highest force multiplier. In fact there are quite a few over priced models that give you the same motor beyond $2,000. That's welcome news to any buyer searching for value for money. The immediate benefit is a nearly noise free, efficient, and smoother operation even at higher speeds. It's massive and capable of adding years to the product's useful life.

Standard belt size and improved cushioning makes this treadmill ideal for power running

The buzzing 3.25 HP power is complimented by an excellent running area of 20" x 60" giving professional runners everything they could wish for in a power workout. The lengthier stride and a comfortably spacious width give stability and assure safety in walking and running. The improved FS2 all-embracing suspension cushioning system guarantees a smoother stress free exercise routine. This will add years to your own leg joints and muscles, deleting the tension of muscular injury.

Higher unit weight/ user weight ratio takes care of the bulky user

Weighing in at 300 pounds, the machine coupled with its powerful motor-deck drive can tolerate maximum load up to 350 pounds comfortably without missing a step.

Warranty, for a change, is irreproachable

Frame and motor gets lifetime warranty support, for parts it is 5 years and there is an extended 2 years for labor. That's the company's confidence speaking up for the product, and you need not look any further for physical evidence of reliability. Anything approaching this kind of warranty comes only from $2,000 upwards after this model. That's more value for money for the paying user.

Negatives that don't dilute the quality of user experience

The cost angle; may be too pricey for the casual user

The brand value of Icon shines through this unassailably attractive model purely because of its pricing. Items such as the powerful motor we mentioned are replicated even in higher priced models, so the value for money angle is quite good for this price point ($1,299).

The only issue that will keep you away from this model is the price which may be beyond the normal treadmill budget. The average user could do with a less powerful treadmill at a lower price, but the serious trainer should lap up this model even at the cost of stretching his domestic budget.

The higher motor-drive capacity may be way above a casual user's needs

If you have two users in a family packing 200 pounds, each using the machine over an average time span of one and a half hours for five days in a week, probably you are getting what you need. If you need less (if you are just a walker), you are getting more power and tread capacity than you will ever use. If you fall in this category it would be wiser to settle for a treadmill in the $700 to $999 range.

Our verdict

The Proform Pro 2000 is second runner up to the NordicTrack C1600 Pro in the Best Buy $1,000 to $1,299 category, and that's mainly because of the extra power packed in the C1600 Pro.

Consider that you are investing in quality when you buy a Proform Pro 2000 and the fact that you have great value addition at this price level. If you aim to run faster and challenge new fitness frontiers the Pro 2000 is really worth those extra dollars.

High quality at a bargain price should have you seriously consider this Proform if you are looking in this price range.