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Proform Power 995 i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Updated unti from the 995 series and it is a solid treadmill with solid parts and design.

Proform Power 995 i Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.35

Bragging rights...

A motor that features in high end models, is at your disposal

The large frame 3 HP motor delivers ample power to drive a smooth belt reaching speeds of 12 mph without stress. Walkers will find it easy to follow a fairly rigorous regimen on this treadmill without doubting that the motor will stand up. Noise reduction is fairly good at this price level only if you don't run it into the basement.

Standard treadbelt promises decent space for all users

An equal opportunity belt of 20" x 60" accommodates good walkers and medium runners of varying sizes.

Cushioning offers a surface that is as forgiving as quite a few upscale models, which speaks favorably for its $999 price tag, and which adds tremendous value to your money.

Outstanding cushioning, decently challenging inclines up to 15% and a package of not less than 30 workout apps is sufficient ammo to excite the performer inside you.

Offers exciting iFit Live technology

Use Google Maps and work out your own permutations and combinations, creating innovative training workouts with exciting international race track simulation. This is technology boosting your fitness routine to the next higher level. The downside is the montly cost of the iFit Live subscription.

Better features than the 995

More workout apps, wireless heart rate monitor, pulse rate monitors on handlebars, and a 7″ backlit display are a few of the additional features that are available to you without jacking up the cost of the 995.

The drawbacks...

Not recommended for serious runners

Serious running and extreme exercising require higher levels of component quality and drive system efficiency that rarely comes below $1,500. Low-end models use cheaper parts that wear out faster if driven beyond their lower threshold levels.

Difficult to get a nicer warranty below the $1,000 price mark

Warranty of 1 year for labor, 3 years for parts, and lifetime for frame and motor is a vote of confidence in their machine coming from Proform, and users can thank them for this, though customer service of Icon is colder than the Antarctic.

Electronics may misbehave occasionally

If and when that happens, Icon's poor servicing response could drive you up the wall.

Our verdict

The Power 995i offers a decent product blessed with quality components and excellent features that enhance value for money in the low-end price bracket. It's an improvement over the 995 because you have access to more features. A great machine for walkers, but if you run extra miles on this machine you may need servicing and that's when your real problems start!

Spotty customer service is the only major shortcoming of this machine. If you are a walker, you will probably never need their customer service with this unit.