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Proform Power 995 C Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

One of the best treadmills you can get for $1000! Key components are quality and corners are cut where you can get away with it.

Proform Power 995 C Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 6.32

Bragging rights...

Very good motor that you find even in high priced models

A powerful large frame 3 HP motor is a blessing at this price point. Even high-end models can be seen flaunting this motor. Skilled runners will have no difficulty reaching speeds up to 12 mph, without fuss, in a fairly noise free ambiance.

The belt size is better and lays a firm foundation for a comfortable run

The belt size of 20" x 60" is ideal for regular exercisers who can take advantage of the wider and longer running area that remains centered firmly. One of the corners they cut is by putting a lower quality belt on the machine but we haven't noticed a significant difference in longevity.

The cushioning does all the hard work protecting leg and back muscles from injury. Runners see their muscles remaining fresh and ready to train longer. This is a surface that has quality and is geared to last and is beyond its price tag.

The better cushioning, incline variations from 0 to 15% and an improved collection of 30 workout programs create challenging simulations within minutes.

More features than the 995

This is the surprise package; we have more features such as more number of work out programs, wireless heart rate monitor, pulse monitors positioned on the handlebars and a 7″ oversized backlit display that give you a more attractive product at the same price tag as the 995.

The drawbacks...

Athletes and seasoned runners deserve better treadmills at $1,500 and above

Brands invariably sacrifice quality to hammer down prices to levels below $1,000 and the value that is compromised in the process can frustrate the serious runner. Cheaper parts in low end models wear out faster leading to more maintenance costs.

Warranty disappoints, but you can't expect more

Warranty is 1 year for labor; 3 years for parts; frame and motor being covered for life. Proform fares better than many other brands that offer pathetic warranties in the lower-end of the price spectrum.

Glitches can compromise electronics

There are more bells and whistles than in the Proform 995, but glitches can't be avoided. Icon's lack luster service response could pose problems.

Our verdict

The Proform Power 995C is a great buy for the price that you are paying and packs quality and durability that is quite surprising for its niche (the low-end). Proform have truly excelled in creating a worthy entry level product that delivers performance on par with its great good looks.

A real bright spot in the Proform lineup. Key components are quality and some corners are cut to get the price to $1000.