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Proform Power 1495 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Solid treadmill with a HUGE motor and solid parts in the drive mechanism. You also get the infamous Proform customer service experience.

Proform Power 1495 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 6.88

Bragging rights...

Very powerful motor built for extreme running

A strong 3.25 HP motor generating ample power to drive a great belt for a smooth and relatively noise free workout. Extreme runners can max 12 mph without hassles and benefit from lifetime warranty protection.

Very good walking belt and a great surface for running

With a 3.25 HP power output running on this 20" x 60" belt is a pleasure. The motor and the drive system combine effortlessly to provide an encouraging ambiance for power running and extreme workouts.

A 15% incline ration provides all the variation that is necessary for a challenging workout, and a collection of 26 workout apps adds variety to your daily routine. All the basics for a great fat burning routine are in place in this treadmill.

The ProShox Plus cushioning produces a really forgiving surface that goes easy on your ankles and knees when power workouts are demanded. Proform says this air based shock absorbing system reduces impact by at least 30%.

Warranty is perfect

Frame and motor get lifetime warranty support; for parts it is 5 years and 2 years for labor, which is real value for your investment and worry free workouts. The only drawback is the spotty customer service which, in the ultimate analysis, won't be called in for a long time to come.

The criticisms...

Definitely pricey for the average buyer constrained by limited income

If you want real value for money few can beat this workhorse, but as always price may be the biggest hurdle the average Joe will find difficult to cross. Something similar maybe seen in the Proform Pro 2000 which is a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, but remember they have cut some corners there to achieve that price reduction.

The treadmill may be offering too much at an unaffordable price

An average user packing 200 pounds that uses the treadmill infrequently might find more affordable models with reasonably good features lower down in the price spectrum at prices below $1,000. But a serious runner needs to save and invest more to get a treadmill like the 1495. The deciding factor is how much you are willing to pay for quality.

This is a space guzzler; not for small apartments and tiny homes

With dimensions of 81" L x 36.8" W x 58.5" H you will need to allocate considerable space before unfolding this machine. Remember that even when folded up it stands at an incline so some space will be needed.

Our verdict

Proform is really putting more quality into their high end models along with a satisfying warranty. The fantastic motor and superb tread belt are the treadmill's biggest assets, and you also get a forgiving walking surface that is well designed for extreme running. This machine is least likely to create problems over the long haul. Only the customer service may bother you.

Although you get the spotty Proform service, you probably won't ever have to use it.