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Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

We guess the new C designation stands for "Cheap." If that was the meaning Proform was right on the money.

Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 5.26

Votes in favor of the treadmill

A motor designed mainly for walking

The 2.75 HP motor is about as good as it gets in the price range under $1,000. It helps you accelerate gently to 12 mph without making much noise, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. Running on this machine is not an option as it would wear out the drive system which is not built for high impact running.

Walking belt is supremely satisfying

The walking area of 20" x 60" supports a wide cross section of users and there is comfort both in width and in stride length for taller, bigger users. For users desiring more variation in their exercise routine inclines top at 12%, and the treadmill delivers not less than 22 workout apps that stimulate and challenge fitness goals.

Cushioning is OK for this price

The cushioning system is just right at this price point and provides adequate protection against leg and back injuries. Proform claims a 28% improvement tin cushioning compared to harder outdoor surfaces. For substantial improvements in cushioning you have to move beyond the $1,000 price point.

You are getting what you pay for

To hammer prices below the $1,000 price point Proform has made some compromises, but consumers are not paying more for anything extra. The slippage in quality makes this medium powered machine more of an entry level treadmill rather than a professional running machine.

Difference between 600 and 600 C

Without altering the price, the 600 C sees a marginally stronger motor, a tread belt that is 5" longer and six additional workout apps that increase its glamor quotient.

Points to ponder...

Not recommended for runners and professional trainers

The compromises that Proform have made in design and drive system will see parts wearing out sooner, needing costlier replacements. This is truer if this treadmill is used for running. When you combine a bigger belt with a smaller motor, you can have distressing results.

The warranty is disappointing

Lifetime frame and motor, 2 year parts and 1 year labor doesn't exactly set the house on fire. It's pathetic at this price and does nothing to boost customer confidence.

Reliability factor isn't encouraging

The quality is not up to the mark either in the drive or in systems components leaving a huge question mark over the machine's longevity.

The final diagnosis...

There is very little about this machine that fires the imagination. If you want to replace your daily walk in the park with an indoor treadmill, here is a glamorously good looking walker that will fit your budget, but if you aim to break out into a sustained run or do the marathon, the Proform Performance 600 C is not your baby.

Cheaper parts put into a beautiful package make for what we hope will bring many new customers to us for parts.