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Proform Performance 1850 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

The best Proform ever built until the new Pro 7000 and 9000 series. $2000 is a high price point for Proform but we couldn't find any major shortcomings in this unit.

Proform Performance 1850 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.09

The bouquets

Excellent big frame motor with great power producing capability

This is a strong 4 HP motor that combines effectively with the drive system to enable a really smooth and efficient treadmilling experience. Even the Best Buy Award topper Smooth 9.65LC, costing $200 more, has a 4HP motor. This is quality that goes straight up the ladder into high end Proform machines. If you want a really quiet treadmill grab this one because anything superior comes only $4,000 upwards.

The walking belt is great value for money

The belt measuring 20" x 60" offers a spacious running surface ideal for power runners that can extract the maximum from the commanding power generated by the 4 HP motor. It's a running area that will enable most categories of users to achieve their fitness goals.

Cushioning is outstanding and is great value for money in the sub $2,000 segment

The air based ProShox cushioning system gives an extra 30% impact protection than competing models, says Proform. On any day this is a resilient highly forgiving surface that can straight away find a place higher up the price ladder.

Decline/ incline variations and work out apps raise the bar on challenging workouts

A -3% to 15% Decline/Incline variation coupled with a 38 workout apps goes a long way in energizing strenuous workouts. The bonus is the surface which is soft enough to cushion knees, joints and back from any high intensity pounding they may be subjected to. You can tone muscles, shed weight and get into shape without a care in the world; this cushioning delivers protection like nothing else.

Warranty will bring Christmas cheer

Warranty that is 2 years for labor, 5 years for parts and electronics and lifetime on the motor, deck, and frame is nothing short of outstanding. Buyers can feel this difference when they cross the $1,500 price barrier.

And the criticisms...

How many can afford spending beyond $1,500?

The $1,799 sticker might immobilize the average buyer, and these budget conscious people will have to get their legs running on low end models, preferably NordicTracks and Proforms- at least Icon hopes so.

Customer service issues may spoil your mood and fitness routine

Proform has done wonders in the quality department to bring you a treadmill that will underwrite intensive performances for a long time to come, and you may never call that warranty early on. But if you do, Icon's poor customer service track record will bring your power training to an abrupt halt. It's like you are lucky if you get this machine, and unlucky if you dial customer service.

This is a folding treadmill but...

Being the folding type of treadmill is half the headache solved, but the remaining ache increases when it unfolds leaving you with dimensions of 82.5 L x 36.7 W x 70.7 H. Quite a handful, so plan your space before bringing this treadmill home.

The final diagnosis

Proform was originally positioning itself in the $500- $1,500 range, but their marketing strategy went through a paradigm shift in producing high quality models starting $1,799. At this level we see them producing machines better designed for power runners.

This trend reached its apex in the Proform The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 4.0, which ran off with the Best New Treadmill award. So the Proform Performance 1850 can be seen as a trend setter for the company, and it's a good choice for a runner willing to shell out $1,799.

If you want high quality and a Proform, at one time you didn't have a choice. This is the best Proform ever made and although it feels weird saying it, it is a quality Proform.