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Proform 590 T Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Another great looking machine that diverts your attention from the poor quality parts used in the drive system.

Proform 590 T Treadmill Review



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Overall Rating: 4.33

The good, the bad and the problematic...

Small frame motor with low power generating capability

A 2.25 HP motor is not designed to instill confidence in the serious runner and regular trainer, and that means walking is the only sustainable activity that we recommend on this treadmill. The low powered motor and sketchy drive system can't handle the excessive pressure of running. Attaining maximum speeds of 10 mph is also risky as that would strain the motor even more.

Treadbelt is good but of little use because it is underpowered

The 20" x 55" treadbelt is a good fit for the standard exercise routine but fails to deliver to its potential as it is not supported by a motor with matching power. The motor-walking belt mismatch is a major defect of this machine.

A simple incline of 10% and 16 preset programs doesn't make much difference to any workout when the deck itself is underpowered by the motor.

Cushioning is sub standard

The cushioning isn't the strong point of this treadmill. There is hardly any worthwhile protection for limbs and joints and that is another reason why running is totally ruled out.

Warranty is bad

In the warranty for the Proform 590 T, parts and labor are covered for 1 year, the motor is covered for 25 years, and the frame is covered for life. This is uniformly true of all Proform's low end models where parts quality has been compromised and clubbed with a poor warranty. As parts wear out quicker users can expect frequent service calls and higher maintenance expenses if it lasts the long haul.

Heavier users can't dream of using this treadmill

If you weigh in at 300 pounds or more you can't expect the motor and deck to handle that weight. It will only accelerate wear and tear of systems and multiply your maintenance problems.

Our verdict

The Proform 590 T is a entry level model in the sub $1,000 price band that can last the long haul only of it is cared for like a baby and if your use is limited to walking, and that too quite infrequently. A bad warranty and poor customer service will haunt this model for a long time with no improvement in sight.

Save up for a few years if you are looking at this model. You will thank us later or you will buy the repair parts and we can talk you through the repair.