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Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

We commonly get the question what would you buy with your $500 or $600. Our response is always the same... in almost every case you are better off getting a gym membership.

Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 4.23

Very few factors favoring this machine...

A motor that is far from satisfactory

A 2.25 HP mini motor is hardly the stuff guaranteed to launch your fitness dreams. This motor is too weak to power a 20" x 55" treadbelt and you can't do anything more strenuous than walking. Breaking into a jog or running 10 mph speeds is not recommended. Fitness enthusiasts need to look toward the $1,000 price point for better performance.

Treadbelt is of little use as it is underpowered

The walking area of 20" x 55" is just 5" shorter than the standard size and is ideal for brisk walking and strenuous running, but it is too big for the motor to handle comfortably. This motor-treadbelt mismatch is one of the glaring defects of this treadmill.

Cushioning is OK

The cushioning provides adequate protection to limbs and back and is a great buy at this price tag; for a more forgiving surface you really have to move beyond $1,000.

You see the company cutting costs at this price point

You will observe Proform compromising on parts quality and cutting all kinds of corners to keep the prices down below $700. In the end what you get is an entry-level item that excites the wallet but satisfies nobody.

Warranty is not up to the mark

Lifetime coverage for frame, 25 years coverage for the motor and just 1 year for parts and labor is the bare minimum that you can expect from the manufacturer. If you attempt to overuse this machine you are likely to be saddled with premature repairs and poor customer service response.

Not for users packing weight above 150 pounds

As the motor lacks power generating capability it can't handle heavier loads; the 300 pounds user weight capacity advertised by the company is hugely exaggerated.

Our verdict

If you are looking for quality and performance you will be sorely disappointed. The Proform 505 CST lags behind in crucial areas and fails to deliver in most areas. At best this can be treated as an entry level treadmill that can be combined with an elliptical for improving your fitness. The cheaper Proform Performance 400 S could be considered a marginally better buy in the $400 to $699 price band.

You simply cannot get a high quality unit for $600. We would save the money and get a higher-end treadmill or get a gym membership.