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General Information:Precor was acquired from Illinois Tool Works by Amer Group PLC in the fall of 2002.  Amer Group also owns other well known brands like Wilson Sporting Goods.  Precor has manufactured high quality equipment since the early 1980's.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Their design philosophy is to make a high quality product and then put a high price on it. Nothing wrong with making money and Precor is definitely one of the companies in this business that knows how to do it.  With the changes this year, the prices have shot up once again and should push most consumers to look at trying to get a commercial unit at a discount rather than a home Precor unless you can get a deal on it.

Company Outlook : Precor has literally made a boatload of money from their elliptical products and deservedly so.  We would expect them to remain one of the leading companies in terms of strength in the treadmill business but it appears that they are getting a bit greedy lately given that their product support is considerably less than it has been in the past.