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General Information:These are built by Aerobics Inc. They have been building treadmills since the late 60's and have quite a tradition of making a Spartan, high quality treadmill.  Pacemaster has made a bold move by moving lower in price points and offering some new units closer to $1500 which should do well for them.  As they continue to move to more competitive sourcing, we would expect them to remain strong.  They now make the best fold up treadmill on the market.

Manufacturing Philosophy:They have always trusted putting quality into the treadmill rather than trying to hit a lower selling price and that has served them well but with the influx of lower-priced, imported units, Pacemaster has had to react with a new line of machines that have some cheaper components in them but due to excellent engineering, they are holding up well.  Their industrial design could use some work but they don’t put a high priority on making a great looking machine, just a great operating machine.

Company Outlook : It looks like with the new machines, Pacemaster is doing very well while competing with imported treadmills.  Since few companies are taking advantage of the price competitiveness of the overseas machines, there is no reason to believe they won’t be able to not only survive, but to thrive as well.