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Am I in Hell – November 12, 2009

A final update on the reviews before they will all be posted. Everything is done and in the hands of the IT staff. This process takes a number of days so please be patient and we hope to have everything up on the web by our original deadline of this weekend. If it works out that way, kudos to the guys in IT, because it will only be the second time in 12 years that we met the original deadline. Please do not email asking for a sneak peek because it has always been our policy not to release any review or Best Buy info before it is posted.

On an interesting side note, we bought a Trek Desk. It looked like the best and most reasonable of the prefabricated treadmill desks that people have been asking about for over a year. The concept is that you can work while walking at a very slow pace burning calories instead of sitting all day at a chair while you work. For the money, it is an impressive unit and we would recommend it if you have a small plane hangar where you can put it- just kidding. It is large so make sure you have room before you order it and we´ll try to get pictures of it where we have it setup in our office. We bought ours off Amazon but I believe the designer has a website too. We don´t get any referral fee or commission for it but just wanted to let you know, because as part of our reviews we have a new article this year explaining how best to prepare and maintain a treadmill for use with a treadmill desk.

Going through the review process is like a cocktail party I attended last night at a convention where they are trying to teach me how to monitor our ads for treadmill parts better on the web. Some really interesting stuff if your idea of fun is watching paint dry. Unfortunately, for me, cocktail parties are worse. The reason they give out free booze at these things is because you need it. It is kind of like going to hell except at the end of the evening you can go home. The free prize is the hangover you have the next morning so you realize with a sense of joy that you actually didn´t go to hell. The reviews are very similar.

Once you get hip deep in all the data for the reviews, you get this sense of doom. I was reminded of this when reading humorist Cash Peter´s latest book. In it he discusses the horror of seeing a strange insect about the size of a rat with huge, bulging, red eyes on the Island of Vanuatu that he humorously referred to as a "scary land lobster that could have taken his life at any moment." When you see all the data from the review process, it looks like a huge land lobster that is going to consume you. It is only after everything is over and you have the review "hangover" that you realize you really didn´t have to go to hell. Thank God it is over?I just found out that a few companies had models come in late so new test models will be in over the next few weeks?maybe I am in hell!