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Black Friday Deals – Nov. 25, 2008

Like any good consumer, we have perusing the sales circulars that are already online for the day after Thanksgiving. The theme this year seems to be to sell the cheap stuff even cheaper which will trap thousands of consumers into a really bad fitness experience. We wish the factories would just resist the retailers like Walmart and just stop making the junk because it sours a whole group of people on what should be a good experience to help them get healthier. I'll get off my soapbox and move along to the highlights of what we have seen so far. Also, if you are a retailer and have some great deals either online or offline, please pass them along and if they are truly a great deal- we'll alert the public.

Sports Authority- for heaven's sake, resist the urge to buy a treadmill for $270. The one really good deal in their treadmill department is the HealthRider H120T for $799.99. Not the best treadmill ever made but it is an exceptional deal at $ good as a deal as you will find in the low-markup warehouse clubs and maybe you can get someone who actually knows a bit about fitness to show it to you.

Sears- Of the low end treadmills, only the Proform XP Crosswalk 580 is a deal at $499.99 but you need to have the needs for a treadmill of an old lady. Just light walking- no runners or heavy exercise or this will fall apart like a dry turkey- and your enjoyment will be about the same. On the NordicTrack lineup, there was only one exceptional deal which is the NordicTrack A2350 currently selling online for $849...they are selling it Friday morning for $649.99- not sure if this is an online price or only in-store but the ad said $649.99 so check your local paper. This one is iffy for joggers but regular exercisers shouldn't run this one in the ground quickly if you maintain it.

Dick's Sporting Goods- Dick's big sale is that if you buy a Sole treadmill, including our Best Buy winner in the $1500 range, the F80, you get a free $350 TV entertainment system. From my reading of the ad, it looks like even if you buy the F63 for $999 you get the entertainment system but check with your local Dick's. No word from Sole if they will match the deal online or not.

Online Retailers - Smooth Fitness is running a extended one year labor warranty for all products on Friday giving them a two year labor warranty. The Agile DMT, our Best New Elliptical award winner is $600 off to $2999 as well. Sole Fitness is running their deal though Dick's this year with the Free TV and Stand with Purchase.

Hope you have a great turkey day!


New Balance – Nov 19, 2008

We found a deal at Fitness Quest a week and a half ago and wanted to wait to order and get it in before we alerted the public to it just in case they had removed costs that would have compromised the whole machine. Doing some simple fact checking before we published our new reviews, we found that Fitness Quest is selling the New Balance 1500 for $499 with shipping included.

You can find it at

One big warning- Fitness Quest has the worst service records in the business and they are apparently closing these treadmills out at a loss according to our estimated BOM but if you want a treadmill that was designed by the Hebb brothers (the guys that were the originators behind the old Trimline brand- and they know how to build a value machine), you can get a good deal. Remember, if you need help or some part under warranty, you will probably be regretting the purchase but that is the nature of the beast.

The New Balance 1500 originally sold for $1399 plus shipping and has been heavily discounted over the last year but $499 is a steal. They are also selling their center drive elliptical at a big discount but the machines wasn't nearly as well built as the treadmills were.

We will be perusing the Internet and sales circulars this season and posting deals on our blog as we find them. If you are a consumer and find a deal, please let us know. Also, if you are a retailer or manufacturer and have a special coming up, let us know. It has to be a deal for the consumer...we are in the consumer's corner, not the industry's so keep that in mind if we choose not to post your "deal."


Hear ye, hear ye, – Nov 13, 2008

the great and magnificent Treadmill Doctor has an announcement!

The 2009 Treadmill and Elliptical Reviews are now complete! The reviews and the new Best Buy listings for Treadmills and Ellipticals will be posted on the website complete by the end of the day on November 21st, 2008. Go forth and read, laugh, and cry as you see fit. Consumers please go forth and become knowledgeable about your purchases.

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