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NordicTrack T6.1 Treadmill Review

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Brief Overview

One of the best $700 treadmills on the market. With that said, there aren't any GOOD $700 treadmills on the market!

Overall Quality

Icon is the largest fitness equipment producer in the world with over $1 billion in sales. If the fitness industry were a solar system, Icon is so powerful that they would be the Sun. In terms of stability they are the best, but overall their customer service isn?t up to the standards of any of the lower volume producers. They promised an improvement in service but the results were more of the same. Although you get a value price for the product, you also get value service so keep this in mind when buying their machines- apparently they price their machines so low in comparison to other companies that they don?t have money left for service. Due to the sheer number of units they produce, we pick up support in many cases where this factory leaves off.


Walking Area 7.1
Power 3.2
Cushioning 5.8
Reliability 4.5
Noise Level 5.6
Quality 4.5
Value 6.4
Warranty 3.5

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