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NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Huge belt surface and high incline make this along with the other incline trainers the most versitile treadmill on the planet!

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.06

What we can say in favor of the TM

A powerful motor that is the right fit for a massive walking belt

Amazingly, we have a 3 HP motor that performs even better than many motors placed in high priced categories. It gels very effectively with a massive tread belt, smoothly reaching speeds topping 12 mph to create an extremely good running ambiance.

A more powerful engine is avoided because the X7i is expected to be used more as an incline trainer, and incline running does not tax the motor.

The walking area is massive at 20" x 62" and presents one of the healthiest running spaces at a reasonable price. It's a great platform to test the limits of any endurance program. You get 2" more than the standard tread and that's one more reason to pack a lengthier stride. The downside is the console encroaches upon the walking area so the extra length is needed.

The cushioning provided is stable and effective for an incliner

The cushioning is definitely superior for its price and bolsters this treadmill's reputation as one of the best incline trainers in the market. It gives more than adequate support to joints, muscles and back as exercisers do punishing uphill running. For anything better than this you will have to look beyond $4,000, so consider this cushioning great value for money.

For runners desiring variety and challenge the preset workout programs are an exciting package

With a suite of 34 exhilarating workouts boredom will be the last feeling you will encounter on this remarkable treadmill.

A massive -6 to 40% decline/incline ratio

Users can automatically change their speed and incline over a massive -6% to 40% range to simulate hill slope workouts and combine this with heart rate checking to follow a workout that can be tuned to their pulse.

Excellent warranty cover

Users get 2 years warranty on labor; it's 5 years for parts and electronics and lifetime cover for the motor, deck, and the frame, which is superb for this price range. So, you can grind this machine into the ground and still get ample protection.

What may hold you back...

The treadmill will not fold; needs space planning

With a footprint of 60" L X 36" W X 69" H it will grab a large chunk of space in your home or apartment, and any purchase decision should be linked to availability of space.

Weight capacity may be exaggerated a bit

350 pounds weight capacity may tax the 3 HP motor when the treadmill is at level. Users weighing in below 300 pounds should do OK; and if the incline is used more often.

The problem of exceeding your current budget

Users that balk at the $1,799 price tag may well remember that this treadmill is a versatile devil capable of extreme inclines supported by an efficient motor and great quality drive parts. It is designed to simulate hill slope running for advanced athletes and professional racers.

There are machines with milder inclines averaging at 10% to 15% and with motors driving smaller levelled machines comfortably at lower price points. If you are a normal runner with a budget below $1,000, then a model like the NordicTrack C 900 Pro may be a better choice.

Poor customer service

If Icon were to be rated on customer service their low and median level products would be completely unrepresented in the top line up. Their service response and chronic parts delivery delays leave users sighing in frustration. If the X7i rates high it is purely for reasons of better quality, design and features.

Our verdict

A quietly performing motor and a stimulating combination of 34 preset workout programs, massive treadbelt, and fantastic cushioning makes this a unique and versatile treadmill that will attract the ace athlete and rigorous runner. The reliability factor is very high and this is a machine that will last longer without creating any headaches for you till you phone customer service.

High quality components and big belt make this one to use for any application. The downside is the poor customer service of this factory.