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NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

An upgrade from the Elite 9500 Pro which I thought was a great treadmill. Fortunately you won't need Icon's poor customer service with this one.

NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 7.67

What we can say in favor of the treadmill...

  • A massive motor that will power any training session

The 4.25 HP motor is massive. It's powerful and it's built to take on the most punishing schedules that professional trainers can devise. The heavy-duty drive system has high quality components that deliver power efficiently to guarantee a smooth, consistent workout that is almost noise free.

  • Incline variations help tone muscles

Incline variations from -3% up to 15% are a neat way of strengthening and toning your lower extremities in such a manner that you expend maximum calories while adding variety to your exercise routine.

  • The adjustable cushioning feature is a huge advantage

This is definitely a major plus point. The QuadFlex cushioning enables you to calibrate firmness settings and adjust the cushioning to absorb the impact of different types of exercises according to their intensity and for different users. Ultimately, this lowers the strain on your muscles and joints when you use the treadmill, making it possible for you to train more vigorously and for longer duration without worrying about injuries.

  • An abundance of preset programs for healthier running

Users are spoiled for choice having not less than 42 preset workout options to choose from, and there are enough electronic extras to keep you informed and entertained while you work out.

  • Parts and labor warranty are excellent

6 years coverage for parts (that includes electronics) and 3 years for labor make this a unique package, which may be difficult to improve upon. This is a reflection of the faith they have in their own machine.

Features that make you pause...

  • Feature rich but too expensive for humble budgets

Why treadmills alone? Budget is a deciding factor in every walk of life. Here, too budget conscious users can opt for models that give them usable features at a price that fits their wallet. But if you have the cash and you want to be wired for performance very few can beat the Elite 9700 Pro in its backyard.

  • iFit subscription adds to cost

When you are buying this fat burning wizard for close to $2,500 the least the company could have done is to offer an iFit Live subscription or two to get you started, but you can't expect these guys to play Father Christmas. So you continue to pay through your teeth for expensive electronic toys that NordicTrack unloads.

  • Wide footprint and high step up

This is a non-folding treadmill with dimensions of 79.5" L X 37.75" W X 71.5" H. So before you even contemplate buying this treadmill make sure there is a good runway in the home or office where this space shuttle can land and park safely. You must also heed the higher step up and prevent your head from kissing the ceiling when you climb on board.

The final word

If you are the one who loves a challenge and makes a determined effort to push all frontiers in fitness and you want to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before, and if you can afford the stiffer price tag, the NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro will be your turbo charged partner for life.

A great treadmill with great features at a great price. Arguably, you get more for your money with this machine than any other on the market.