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NordicTrack Commercial 2150 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

A really strong treadmill in a very competitive price point. You would have a hard time going wrong with this one.

NordicTrack Commercial 2150 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 7.68

NordicTrack keeps flooding the market with high quality machines. It is really going to put a hurt on the competition in the $2000 price range!

The NordicTrack Commercial 2150 is a great model. It costs $1,799, and it's definitely worth the price. In fact, it was our runner up for the Best Buy award for treadmills that cost between $1,500-1,999.

The walking area on this machine is pretty standard at 20" x 60". In this price range, it's not really something to brag about. It should comfortably fit most users stride, but it presents no competitive advantage for this model.

The motor is better than you'd expect on a treadmill that sells this low, but not by much. You can find some models in this price range that have motors capable of generating more power, but it's not very common. You generally have to pay at least an extra $500 to find something better.

The QuadFlex Plus Cushioning used on this machine is very good. For this price range, you're not going to do better. To find a treadmill that offers more impact relief, you'll have to spend about $2,000 more. If cushioning is a big concern for you, and this is near the top of your price range, this is the model for you.

As far as projected reliability, this treadmill competes with the best models in this price range. You can find some treadmill that cost significantly more that this machine will compete with in terms of life expectancy. Seeing parts that are this high in a treadmill is always a good sign, at this price.

This is one of the most quiet models you will find on the market today. While there are some treadmills that make less noise, they will cost you $3,500 or more. This is an area that NordicTrack is very good in, and they didn't disappoint with the Commercial 2150.

The warranty is really good, but similar to some of NordicTrack's cheaper models. You don't usually see better than this without paying a lot extra. Labor is covered for 2 years; parts and electronics are covered for 5 years; and the frame, motor, and deck are covered for life.