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NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Solid treadmill for the money but some short cuts have to be taken to get a treadmill down to this price.

NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








Noise Level:








Overall Rating: 5.63

What works in favor of this treadmill...

Reasonably good motor for this price range

In the sub $1,000 range, the Best Buy award motors clocked a maximum of 3 HP. The 2.75 HP motor on this machine is good enough to drive a treadbelt sized 20" x 58". The noise reduction isn't anything to brag about but you can't expect better in this price category. If it's any consolation there is a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Walking area suits both walkers and runners

It's not uncommon to find companies reducing the running area at this price point. The walking area in this machine isn't a bad size at 20" x 58", being 2" shorter than the area that is becoming the standard in good treadmills. Still, this is more than sufficient to accommodate the longer strides of taller runners but at this price point, you really don't want to be running on it if you want to help the longevity of the machine.

The DualFlex Cushioning is good enough to absorb the jarring impact of running on your leg and back muscles, and its quality gives some of the $2,000 machines a run for their money.

Where some improvements could do wonders...

This is not recommended for serious treadmill enthusiasts

It's a fact that a company sacrifices some quality in parts and design to bring prices down below $1,000 and the NordicTrack C 700 is no exception to cost cutting measures. For professional trainers and ace road runners a minimum investment of $1,300 to $1,500 is necessary on higher end Nordic Track models to achieve fitness goals.

Warranty is below par

Lifetime warranty for frame and motor, with 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor is disappointing considering the fact that the quality of parts and reliability of the machine is questionable. Adding to the woes of users is the dramatically poor level of Icon's customer service. So we predict higher operating costs for users as sustained usage wears out parts faster than they can be replaced by the company.

Our Verdict

The NordicTrack C 700 can at best be described as a decent buy for a customer with a budget within $1,000 and who doesn't have anything more ambitious than walking in mind. But for the ace runner such scaled down versions will not do and better choices awaits them at the $1,500 price point.

Some corners are cut to get the price down below the $900 mark. Overall it is a good value for the money if you are only a walker and maintain it.