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NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial Elliptical Review


The Nordictrack A.C.T. Commercial is a solid compact elliptical and our Best Buy Winner for 2014.







Noise Level










Overall Rating: 5.35

<strong>NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial Review</strong> The Nordic Track A.C.T. Commercial is our Best Buy 2014 Winner in the $700 to $999 category. If you want a decent compact machine with a solid build and good features at a reasonable price, this piece might be right for you. Large stride length adjustments and a small footprint give the A.C.T. Commercial plenty of positives to recommend. While lacking some of the features that are becoming standard at this price range, especially when compared to the Epic brand, if you have floor space limitations and still want a quality elliptical you really only have this unit and the True M series to consider in our opinion. <strong><em>The positives of A.C.T Commercial...</em></strong> <strong>The adjustable stride length</strong> What we like most from the A.C.T. Commercial is the adjustable <strong> 18&#8243;, 20&#8243;, 22&#8243; stride. With this, it will provide more options to better target different muscle groups in your body. In addition, you can also benefit a multi-user feature which enables your family to personalize their stride to stay comfortable or work on different muscles. </strong> <strong></strong> <strong>Centerpiece pedals!</strong> <strong> Aside from the wonderful stride offered by this machine, it also sports over-sized pedals that at first glance would make you feel cramped up but is actually an exercise heaven when you hop on. This is the first trainer that we had our eyes upon after reviewing the trainers from the $399 category up to here. So far this is the best machine to welcome over-sized pedals with little-to-no performance restrictions. </strong> <strong></strong> <strong>Armed with a CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor along with various tracking apps</strong> <strong> What our reviewers really liked about this machine is the programs equipped. For most users, exercise is all about results where they monitor every ounce of loss they reach including heart rate. If you are one these users, then wireless chest pulse compatibility as an option would be good news. </strong> <strong></strong> <strong>Worth-the-pocket warranty</strong> At $999, satisfying warranty coverage is all you need to seal the deal. The NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial offers lifetime coverage on the frame, five years for parts and two years on labor, which is amazing for this price range. This just made it possible to be our Best Buy Winner 2014 after adding one year more extended warranty coverage on its labor compared to the rest of ellipticals falling our $999 category. <strong><em>Why we think that A.C.T. Commercial has some shortcomings</em></strong> While we were amazed from the featured aspects of this machine, we almost forgot to mention the hardly noticeable flaws that aren't even reported by consumers (maybe a few). <strong>Could've had a better weight capacity...</strong> Even at $1299, finding a trainer that sports all the "good" features above plus a 300 lb. weight capacity is a dream machine. It only sports a 250 lb. weight capacity, which Icon choose to cut off to hit a lower price point. <strong>The more it performs, the more noise it makes...</strong> This is common issue of the NordicTrack products. They are known to produce one of the best fitness machines out there but are coupled with some flaws preventing them from being perfect. The A.C.T. Commercial is a stable but relatively noisy machine. Our tests produced regular squeaking sounds when the machine is in use. On the bright side, this trainer is still one of those center-driven designs that offer a more natural stride for better workout. <strong>iFit is extra</strong> Prepare to pony up extra monthly fees if you want to subscribe to iFit. When you combine that with the glitches we commonly hear about with iFit and you would expect they would pay you to subscribe. <strong><em>The final words: </em></strong> All in all, the NordicTrack A.C.T. Commercial gives a solid compact feel with decent quality, good features and at a reasonable price. We definitely recommend it to consumers.