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New Balance Treadmill Review Index

General Information:New Balance branded machines are being distributed by Fitness Quest, the same people who brought you Tony Little. That is reason enough to throw rocks at this brand but they did something smart?they actually brought people on the payroll that know what they are doing. It looks like the famous customer service of Fitness Quest has put a stake in the heart of this brand and you can now find them online for a fraction of what they sold for in stores.

Manufacturing Philosophy:One of the Hebb brothers that brought you a high value brand, Trimline, helped with the design of these products. Too bad though; it is a combination of Hebb design with Fitness Quest service. Thankfully they quit producing treadmills and we still offer parts and support for these. They are still producing bikes and elliptical machines.

Company Outlook : Although they had the marketing muscle of Fitness Quest, it looks like they weren't able to make a go of the New Balance fitness line. Expect them to be closed out shortly.