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Elliptical Name: Nautilus NE 3000
Editor’s Note:

For $400 more you get to have the cordless version of the NE 2000.  Keep the $400 and the problems that you will have with the alternator in this machine.

MSRP: $2799
Strengths: Warranty
Weakness: Poor value
Reliability: 5
Noise Level: 5
Value: 3
Warranty: 10
Quality: 5
Ergomonics: 5
Overall Rating : 5.50
Review Comments:
The Nautilus NE 3000 is a solid but unexceptional machine.  If you plan to use this machine much you may have problems with the welds on the linkage arm.  Exceptional warranty from a solid company.  For home use we would buy the NE 2000, or better yet, buy a Spirit for less money.
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