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Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Very basic and only for use by walkers. With that said, for $399, this is the best treadmill on the market in the $399 and below price range.

Merit 715T Plus Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 4.22

Don't plan on getting years of great use out of this machine. It is a limited machine for those on a limited budget.

The best thing about this treadmill is the price. You're not going to find a more affordable treadmill that's worth looking at. In fact, it won our Best Buy award for treadmills in the $399 and under price range. With that being said, there is a reason that you won't be shelling out thousands of dollars for this machine. It's not designed to last for a long time, and it won't give you superior performance. This model is made for those who have a strict budget to adhere to.

The motor is not very powerful, so if you're looking for a treadmill you can run on, you're out of luck. This model will only allow for walking. Still many other companies charge an extra couple of hundred dollars for treadmills with equally, and sometimes less, powerful motors.

The cushioning system is nothing to marvel at. It's much better for your joints and back than running on concrete, but several treadmills are much more forgiving than this one. Still, it's a little above average, and you would have to spend around $1,000 to find a cushioning system that is considerably better.

Reliability is probably the biggest concern. While you'll save a lot of money buying this treadmill, you should expect the need to replace parts, or even the entire machine, in a relatively short amount of time. The price is low for a reason, and that means that corners had to be cut and inferior parts had to be used in order to make a profit from a $399 treadmill. At least Merit is honest, however, as there are a few models over $1,000 that will break down quicker than this one.

The warranty is pitiful. This really shows Merit's lack of faith in this machine's ability to hold up to the stress of daily exercise. We expect to labor covered for a year and parts covered for 3 years just to consider a warranty to be average. This treadmill offers significantly less, covering parts and labor for just 90 days.