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Nice Shot Tex!– May 21, 2010

From the annals of "carelessly shooting yourself in the foot," Johnson has stepped in a bog. As with some of the Livestrong elliptical trainers made by Johnson Health & Fitness, they have also recalled some Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers as well. As we found in our tests when we were trying some of the machines out, the pedal arm had a tendency to come off the track and this can create a fall hazard for the person who is exercising- they must have corrected the design before we got to all of them because some of the trainers worked fine in our tests but we knew there was a problem. The Horizon models affected are the EX-58, EX-68, EX-78, GS1050E, and the CE5.1. Contact Johnson Health & Fitness for a range of serial numbers affected. Their website is and you can also contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission for a copy of the complete recall at Why manufacturers continue to rush products to the market makes little sense to us but it seems to be a fact of life in this business.

Johnson has been extremely responsive in this recall which means they have learned their lesson from their past fax paux. Now, if we can get all the factories to actually get on the machines before they start to box them and ship them to retailers, they will know when they have an obvious problem like this one before it gets into the market.