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General Information:Lifespan is imported by PCE Fitness, a company that began in 1994 by designing exercise equipment for other companies.  They have been known for making some of the best looking designs in the business and are now trying to move into making equipment that is packed with safety features.  If you have limited space, this is a good brand to look at.

Manufacturing Philosophy:Lifespan is primarily concerned with putting decent quality parts into an attractive package and they do that very well.  Lifespan has made a push into the specialty realm and has become a solid niche player.  Overall, they put decent components into a nice package on the value end and good components into their higher end machines.

Company Outlook : We would expect Lifespan to be around for some time.  They have developed an impressive dealer list in a short amount of time and understand the marketing side of this business which can carry you a long way.