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Lifespan TR800 DT3 Treadmill Review

treadmill Doctor Note :

Lifespan's entry level model for those who already have a desk and they just need a treadmill designed for it.

Lifespan TR800 DT3 Treadmill Review



Walking Area:








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Overall Rating: 4.69

Not much to say favoring this entry level treadmill...

Motor adequate to power walkers

There's nothing impressive about this 2 HP motor, it's just an average Joe for a matching job, which in this case is nothing more strenuous than walking. The speed maxes at 4 mph so you won't even need to think of going beyond. The best way to handle this motor is to restrict session duration with reasonable periods of rest in between. Longer duration walking will strain the motor. And remember the warranty lasts an abysmal three years only.

A walking belt and supportive cushioning fit for walking

The walking area measures 18" x 52", which is smaller and more compact compared to the expansive 20" x 60" belt we see in better treadmills. This is unlikely to create any problems for walkers positioning themselves squarely in front of a standing desk as they walk their routine.

The cushioning is not very forgiving and it may feel like you are getting a hard surface to walk on. If you love your muscles and joints make your sessions short and snappy.

Points you would do well to ponder before buying this treadmill...

This is a walker not a runner

If your concept of a good treadmill is one that encourages you to run with a nice jogging action, this is not your machine. The TR800 is designed for comfortable walking juxtaposed to a standing table top.

Warranty cover is conditional on using machine for 3 hours daily

When labor and parts are covered for 1 year, motor is covered for 3 years, and frame is covered for life, you have a warranty that clearly conveys the message - Use this machine with restraint. Overuse will result in systems parts crumbling and frantic calls reaching out for service.

The reliability stakes

Parts used are cheaper in quality. They will wear out faster if you prolong sessions. This is a treadmill priced below $1,000, cutting corners in umpteen ways, so you can't expect it to last.

The final diagnosis

For $200 extra you are getting the TR1200DT3 that has a better motor, bigger running surface and more forgiving cushion backed by a marginally improved warranty. Therefore, it makes less economic sense buying an entry level treadmill like the TR800DT3.

With the warranty limiting it to 3 hours of use per day, it is clearly limited.